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 Secondary Plus
TPS have launched our excellent Forensic Science range for Secondary school students, and it is also suitable for 6th form and BTEC Applied Science students.

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 Forensic Science, Do Nows!
Welcome to the world of Forensic Science... "Do Nows" aligned to our full activity-based forensic science program.

Motivate your students from the minute the bell rings with "Do Nows" featuring crime scene investigations.

100 "Do Nows" created by a forensic chemist turned teacher. See the Do Now listing for the full details.

Real life applications to introduce your students to Forensic Science.

Each of these "Do Nows" gives students the opportunity to engage in scientific inquiry and to apply their knowledge of science content to real-world crime situations.

Classroom tested. These activities have been tested in Forensic Science classrooms. They engage students at all levels and with varying degrees of science background knowledge.
Unit 1 - Introduction / History Unit 10 - DNA Analysis
   Blank Lab Report    Cold Case
   Evidence Chart Unit 11 - Deductive Reasoning
   Forest Murder Scene    Bedroom Murder
   Missing Person    Bone Scatter
   The Value of Evidence    Careless Burglar
   Wife Kills Husband    Cigarettes in Garbage
Unit 2 - Crime Scene Processing    Controversial Murder Case
   Arson and Bomb Scenes    Crime of Passion
   Body in a Carpet    Electrical Tape
   Car Thief    Gang War
   Chocolate Cookies    Items of Evidence
   Forest Search    Keys in Hand
   Garbage Check    Killed Elsewhere?
   Heavy Foot Traffic    Problem Teeth
   Pieces of Glass    Stolen Gem
   Traces of Heroin    The Frogmen Who Almost Drowned!
Unit 3 Finger Print Analysis    Who's Shoeprints
   Broken Window    Wild Horses?
   Garbage Pail Unit 12 - General / Miscellaneous Concepts
   The Box Cutter    Arson Evidence
   Types and Patterns    Art Stolen
Unit 4 - Firearms Analysis    Bite Marks
   4 Injuries    Bomb Suspect
   Gunpowder Residue    Brand New Clothing!
   Gunshot Wound    Broken Steak Knife
   Handgun    Broken Window
   Multiple Shots    Bullet Holes
   Suspect Bullet    Burned Automobile
Unit 5 - Drug Analysis    Cause of Death 1?
   Batteries    Cause of Death 2?
   Boom!    Circumstantial Evidence
   Boxes of Seafood    Clocks
   Chromatography    Desert Grave
   Clandestine Laboratory    Explosion!
   Coffee Beans    Favorite Type of Sample!
   Morphine in Your Coffee?    Flies in a Barrel
   Ultraviolet Spectroscopy    Forensic Botanists
Unit 6 - Hair and Fiber Analysis    Geographic Profiling
   Head Injury    Glass Comparison
   Plant Fibers    Hydroponic Marijuana
Unit 7 - Bloodstain Pattern Analysis    Insect Eggs
   A Brutal Beating    Insect Evidence
   Bloodstained Mattress    Mistaken Identity
   Convenience Store Murders    Not in the Mouth
   Double Homicide    Paint Chips
   Husband Finds Wife    Pipe Bomb
   Man in Closet    Soil Collection
   Missing Father    Suspect Arson
   Shoe Soles    Three Bottles
Unit 8 - Document Analysis    Tied to Boat
   Forged Checks    Transfer of Evidence
   Forged Signatures    X-raying Bodies
Unit 9 - Impression Evidence
   Axe Murderer
   Impressions in the Soil
   It Wasn' Me!
   Oblique Lighting
   Tire Tracks
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