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 Secondary Plus
TPS have launched our excellent Forensic Science range for Secondary school students, and it is also suitable for 6th form and BTEC Applied Science students.

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 Key Stage 2 Science, Food Chemistry
Food Chemistry Supplemental Program

Our newly published Teacher and Student Topic Packs for Food Chemistry are designed as an additional resource for you and your students to supplement existing materials.

The pack includes all the information a teacher needs to deliver this topic content and everything the student needs to learn.
The packs include;

     .     food groups (food pyramid)
     .     energy and nutrients in food
     .     testing for nutrients (hands-on activities)
     .     components making up our foods
     .     the role of calories

TPS stands for Teacher, Parent, Student and we provide materials for them all, with teacher support, content and skills for students, and at-home suggestions for parents to share with their students.

These materials include exactly the science content required to be taught, are based upon well proven literacy strategies, and use student friendly language and full color graphics to engage all learners.

Grade 4
   Unit 1 - Energy It's Important!
   Unit 2 - What Nutrients are in Food?
   Unit 3 - What's in There?
   Unit 4 - Energy and Nutrients
   Unit 5 - Food Labels
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Food Chemistry

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